CA Clarity PPM r13.2: Foundations I 200 Bundle

Discussion created by Kevin_Mah on Jul 10, 2013
The following bundle package is now available for customers: CA Clarity PPM r13.2: Foundations I 200 Bundle (33CLR2040B)

This new Education offering provides students an in-depth experience with this powerful application, including examining changes to the interface are covered. This course also teaches on key insights into project, investment, and resource management, and administration options. Students will be provided with overviews, discussions, best practices, case studies, demonstrations, and hands-on labs.

This bundle also includes the WBTs, CA Clarity PPM r13.2: Core Components 200 (33CLR22000) and CA Clarity PPM r13.2: Time Management 200 (33CLR22010), which are prerequisites to the r13.2 Foundations I 200 ILT/VL.

Please contact your CA Technologies Education representative for more information.