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How to configure Send Email Operator

Question asked by pablomax on Jul 11, 2013
Latest reply on Sep 27, 2013 by Tom_Kouhsari
Hello Everybody,

I am doing a design where I need to send an email to a group and after to get the group members, I am ready to send the email but when I fill the data to configure the Operator and I test it, I get an error saying "Please enter a valid SMTP value". I am not totally sure how this operator works, so I need to know what value I need to provide in the username and password of the Send Email properties. I talked with the people in charge of Exchange server and they told me that I do not need any user and password, just I need to add the PAM IP address into the SMTP relay. So, I am confused about what I need to this operator. Help about this, it's really appreciate it.

Thanks and Regards.