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Links in portlet issue

Question asked by roxor on Jul 11, 2013
Latest reply on Jul 18, 2014 by StephanieH
Dear all,

I have read already couple of threads here around linking from portlets in Clarity. But I need to clarify it.

I need to go from my portlet directly to current cost plan, benefit plan, budget (at least list view of benefits, budgets, cost...), tasks. I was able use link for Status report and team tab.

In linking tab when I am creating query for portlet, I have these options in Clarity v13:
Benefit Plan (req. Object ID) - sends me to weird corrupted screen without any benefit plans.
Project Forecast - Latest Revision (req. Project ID) - produces Error when used
Project Budget Latest Revision (req. Project ID) - error

There is missing link for list of tasks page.

This is ridiculous... Have you ever used any of these linking options? If yes, how?

I have found this thread: 19312361 with nice guide how to customize clarity to do something useful. But update access to db so no way to try it...

Thanks a lot,