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Multiple Java versions on desktop,how to get OpenWorkbench to use specific

Question asked by MichaelVonBrunak on Jul 12, 2013
Latest reply on Jul 13, 2013 by another_martink
We have seem this issue at multiple client sites and wondering what other have done to accomplish the requirement.

Workstations have multiple JRE versions installed to support various applications. In this case, Java 1.4 is installed.

Our requirement is to upgrade Clarity with an Open Workbench version that requires Java 1.7. However, we cannot un-install or disable the Java 1.4 as it is required for proper functioning of other workstation applications.

What are the possible configurations to allow multiple JRE's to be installed, have Java JRE 1.4 be the default, but have OWB launch using an installed version of JRE 1.7?

We have researched the use of a Registry Entry for OWB which points to the JRE 1.7 to launch

We have also researched creating a batch file/launcher to launch the JRE 1.7 and then launch OWB - as opposed to launching the OWB.exe file directly.