How much does it cost to provide portfolio management?

Discussion created by Jim_Fuhring on Jul 22, 2013
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I'm a portfolio manager at my company and we are undertaking a change to a more service management centric type of organization. The services that my group provides are end user services such as delivery of varous portfolio, project, and resource management reports. We own, manage, and seek to optimize all the processes that support the construction of those reports. My question to all of you is whether:

1) Have any of you gone to a service model of providing portfolio management services....the main focus is understanding the cost of providing the service
2) If you answered yes to 1), what is your costing model?
3) How long did it take to move from the support model you had to the service model?


The services provided by my organization are:

1) Define and support portfolio management processes and standards across IS (there are a number of processes and the end deliverable is typically a report)
2) Host portfolio management application (Clarity)
3) Provides visibility into the overall IS portfolio through metrics and reporting
4) Chair portfolio management council ( this is a group of our portfolio managers that we coordinate all functional areas with)

The model that I'm planning to use to cost my service out is s per user cost model, i.e. I add up the cost of the services I pay for (Clarity Licenses and hosting for example), all internal labor and divide by the number of users using the services (not just the Clarity system) to get a cost per user.