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Errors on TIM logs. Need to validate if its traffic issue or Issue with Set

Question asked by KeshavDixit on Jul 23, 2013
Latest reply on Jul 23, 2013 by Shahzada
Hi All,

We are using CEM version 9.1 with MTP enabled Tims build 363405. We are not able to capture the traffic from one of our TIM after configuring webservers, loading SSL keys and business transactions as-well. Also required http
transactions traffic is not seen on TIM logs. However we are seeing data for those webservers on MTP. Traffic is appearing on this same MTP(where TIM is hosted), as I can see the traffic on this MTP with servers under question as
host/server/client etc.

I see these highlighted TIM log entries below(blue colored entries in TIM log).

Thu Jul 11 13:55:00 2013 13943 ! Warning: hub: ProbeStats: 26524905 packets dropped in the last 300 seconds
Thu Jul 11 14:10:00 2013 13943 ! Warning: hub: ProbeStats: 82660840 packets dropped in the last 300 seconds
Thu Jul 11 14:10:06 2013 14029 ! Warning: w6: sslinterface:network_process_packet: error 9 (too much out-of-order TCP data queued), conn6, packet 207, []:41319->[]:10128; ignoring further data

I checked the validity of the loaded SSL using command " openssl x509 -noout -in <certificate> -dates" and the certificate is valid.

Is there any other way I can confirm/check that the traffic I'm looking for is appearing on this TIM. I have tried to approach my networking team and they claim things are good from their end.
I do not have tcpdump/tethereal installed on our MTP/TIM devices. Can we install any of both? Because to defend my argument on network traffic, I need to show them something to show some third party data.
Or is it that some other setting I have messed up with?
Thanks in advance!!

Best Regards,
Keshav Dixit