CA Clarity Tuesday Tip: 13.2 Cost Type and Capitalization - Part 2 of 3

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Cost Type: Planned Capital and Operating Costs

[*]Total Planned Cost is now read only and is a total of the new fields ‘Planned Capital Cost’ and ‘Planned Operating Cost’.
[*]Planned Capital Cost and Planned Operating Cost can have a summary amount directly entered on the simple budget field when no detailed cost plan exists.
[*]If a detailed cost plan exists, the ‘Planned Capital Cost’ and ‘Planned Operating Cost’ values are not editable on the simple budget page.  The Cost Plan (POR) must be configured with the 'Cost Type' attribute to allow the values to be divided up between Capital and Operating costs on the simple budget page.  If the Cost Plan (POR) does NOT have the 'Cost Type' as a grouping attribute, the Simple Budget page will group all costs into the 'Operating' Cost Type.
[*]Percentage values are automatically calculated to add up to 100% for the ‘Planned Capital %’ and the ‘Planned Operating %’