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Need help with NSQL

Question asked by hwk on Jul 24, 2013
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Hello everyone,

I am trying to find out from which table a particular filed is read from in the following NSQL.
The column name as mentioned in this NSQL is - x_in_service@. I am trying hard to figure out from which particular table this field is from.

Can someone please guide how to identify the table name for the fields.
My understanding is the table name needs to be mentioned before the column name - as done in case of full_name = r4.full_name:prsponsoredbyName@,
but there is no table name prefix for x_in_service

Do I need to check each of the table listed in this NSQL?
Urgent help needed.




Select distinct pfc.invest_id
from pma_portfolios pf
Where = pfc.PORTFOLIO_ID and pfc.INVEST_TYPE = 'project'
) port_itns


inv_investments i, odf_ca_project p , prj_projects pj
, srm_resources r1 , srm_resources r2 , srm_resources r3 , srm_resources r4
, srm_resources r5 , srm_resources r6
, odf_ca_x_trans_materials mat

where = and = pj.prid and = and = par2.odf_parent_id(+)
and = mat.odf_parent_id(+)

and Port_itns.invest_id =

and x_trans_related = 1
and = p.x_exec_cat_mgr
and = p.x_itn_owner
and = p.x_itn_requestor_luf
and = pj.prsponsoredby

and = p.x_pm_pcm_cst_eng_luf
and = p.x_pcm_lead_sched_luf