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Performance issue after upgrade

Question asked by J_Here on Jul 24, 2013
Latest reply on Feb 6, 2014 by sparc.helpdesk
Recently we upgrded from 12.1 --> 13.2. The java and tomcat was also upgraded to version 7. The upgrade went smooth and the testing also went fine in QA. However in prod, users from US started getting an issue like, when they click on a link (not a specific link), a white screen appears and the next page is not loaded. Its stuck. After refreshing the page, it works fine. but this keeps happening intermittently.
Finally we had to roll back to 12.1 and could not go live with 13.2.
The app and db servers are physically located in CJ, Malaysia. the users who are facing this issue are from US. CY users have not faced this issue so far. I can presume this to be a network issue but again cannot confirm this.
I wanted to check if any of you ahve faced this issue in the past after upgrade. please let me know.