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How to forecast role demand in order to determine capacity

Question asked by Jim_Fuhring on Jul 25, 2013
Latest reply on Jul 26, 2013 by JP_Thompson
There was a similar post a few years ago on this and I'm wondering if v13.2 can handle this business need. Most of the Information Systems people at my company play multiple roles so we have not been able to fully utilize the out of the box functionality of Clarity on resource capacity based on the primary role. Our problem is this, each person probably plays at least three roles equaly: system owner, PM, and business analyst. We have work that needs to be done that requires system owner time. Our frustration is that we can't ever get the true capacity of the system owners. How do other companies handle this? Is there are way to use skills as a work around? For example, I was thinking that there could be a very simple set of roles for Information systems people:
1) Service owner
2) Project Manager
3) Business Analyst
4) Technical SME

Each one of those roles could have a set of skills associated with them. So my thought was to have a skill called "system owner" that can be associated to all the roles if applicable. Can v13.2 provide me with the capacity of my FTEs with the system owner skill?