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Dependancy views hard to use

Question asked by Trefor_Southwell on Jul 26, 2013
Latest reply on Sep 30, 2013 by Robert Ensinger

I'm an MS Project user and have been looking at if we could migrate to Open Workbench (with Clarity).

One big issue I ran into with Open Workbench is with dependancies between tasks.

- I couldn't find any way just to show the dependancies of the tasks in a numerical way in the WBS, in project i have a 'predecessors' column and a 'successors' column e.g:

Predecessors would be something like "32,57,67,77" and successors would be "18,360FF".

If I add these columns in Workbench (they do exist) they just come up blank??

- If I try to edit the task and click on the depenancies they come up in a really small window with no way to make the window bigger (resize is disabled).
- The dependancies are listed by Task name, but my task names are not unique so you need to know the tasks parent name or hiearchy to tell which task is which (and this isn't shown).

Does anyone know if the Sucessors and Predecessor column ever worked or if it's just broken in Workbench?