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Questions to develop a custom connector for CA Identity Minder

Question asked by viniciushakamine on Jul 31, 2013
Latest reply on Aug 22, 2013 by mirza
Anyone know answer me....

About the methods that must be implemented DefaultAssocDirectAttributeOpProcessor class, method doModify, is equivalent to these methods that I am at endpoint.

- AddUserProfile - Bind one or more profiles for the user account
- ChangeUserPassword - Changing the password
- DisableUser - Blocks user account
- EnableUser - Unlock user account
- RemoveUserProfile - Removal of one or more profiles for the user account
- UpdateUser - Change user account

All this together would be the doModify methods, as there are no methods with signatures similar to those in Identity Minder? or I must implement these methods as independent methods Mandatory?

MetaConnector class.

- not found in the documentation the method sync () class MetaConnector, I wonder which is designed to sync (). And if possible how to implement it.
- And also like to know how to implement the methods modify () and lookup (). If should be implemented in the same way as that DefaultAssocDirectAttributeOpProcessor doModify () and doLookup () or can only call the class implementation DefaultAssocDirectAttributeOpProcessor? or throw a NamingException?