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Upgrade From 12.0 SP4 to 13.1

Question asked by clarityeur on Aug 1, 2013
Latest reply on Aug 1, 2013 by Nicolas.Sanzana-CAChile
Hello Clariity Communitie,

I'm new in Clarity Communitie, my apologies for my english, because my native language is italian.

Our current environment is 12.0 SP4 installed under Windows environment

I have a test environment with this detail:

1 - Windows 2008 R2 Enterprise x64
2 - Java 1.5 / Tomcat
3 - Clarity 12.0 SP4 running
4 - JAVA_HOME = C:\APPS\JSDK1.5_*** (I don't remember exact path), but is setup correctly, even java -version command works perfectly ! :happy:happy:happy

My issue is the following

1 - In the desktop of this test environment I have Java 1.7 64 bits / Install.bat 13.1 (TEMP FOLDER) / Tomcat for Clarity 13.1
2 - I installed Java 1.7 64 bits
3 - Modified my JAVA_HOME pointing to JAVA 1.7 folder
4 - java -version is returning correct version: 1.7 64 bits
5 - I created new folder 'tomcat_new' (with tomcat 13.1)
6 - TOMCAT / JAVA for 12.0 SP4 not was uninstalled
7 - Run as Administrator INSTALL.BAT 13.1
8 - The following question comes to me : Please select target where you want to install Clarity 13.1

According Release Notes says for target please use new folder (but I tried with the same clarity folder where currently is installed, but my issue is the same)

Appears a command message requesting: JAVA PATH regarding version 1.6 (but this version is not installed, only 1.5 for Clarity 12.0 SP4 and Java 1.7 correct version for Clarity 13.1), I used JAVA 1.7 folder and appears a warning message saying 'You JAVA PATH could be wrong', but I can continue, but then appears other screen requesting TOMCAT folder, in this point

a) I tried to use my new tomcat version path (Tomcat for 13.1), but I'm receiving message error = NOT VALID
b) I tried to use my old folder for tomcat version 12.0 SP4, but the same message error comes to me.

According Release Notes, I can go to 13.1 from 12.0 SP4

So ....

Which step I'm missing?

Thanks in advance.

Best Regards,