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Rate Matrix Maintenance

Question asked by TGuzek on Aug 2, 2013
Latest reply on Aug 6, 2013 by Owen_R
Does anyone have any Best Practices regarding maintaining the Rate Matrix Rows for improved Performance?

We have each resource loaded so that our cost plans are accurate and match any rate changes that may occurr, which unfortunately keeps our Labor matrix growing. Most resources have 2-3 rows and getting another for 2014.

Do you move Start Dates in Rows forward as Projects are financially Closed?
Do you remove Resource-Specific Rows when the Projects they were on are all Financially Closed?
Do we need to keep that history in the active matrix for reasons unknown (at least unknown to me!!) ??

Do you have any other Hints / Tips to keep it as slim as possible?? We did use group rates, but found issues with total cost not being correct when 1 resource changed rate groups.

Thanks in advance.