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Upgrading to 13.2 - 3 issues

Question asked by cshah on Aug 2, 2013
Latest reply on Sep 23, 2013 by another_martink
I am hoping someone can help/or shed light with three issues. Two we have already had, and another we are having and unsure if it is a byproduct of the first or second.

We upgrades our development environment on July 23 (stable condition) on new infrastructure from 12.1.2 to 13.2 (SQL 2012).

Issue #1 (7/31/2013)
On 31st while we were troubleshooting an error seen on the Edit Configuration page to complete a SQL Trace the new way Community Post Here and when we went to restart services, the JVM crashed. Once this was occuring we restarted our server and attempted to restart the services but could not start them from the command prompt. Then we realized files from the C:\Niku\Clarity\Bin folder were missing which were causing services issues. :sad To resolve the service issue, we did not have an option and ended up doing a re-installation of the application. I opened a ticket with support and provided logs saved on the 31st of what happened. See attachment.

Issue #2 (8/1/2013): To get to a root cause and see if files would keep disappearing, we investigated if a virus scanning application was installed first and secondly removing these files. The technical team stated they did install Trend Deep Security on our application server, however no deletions were logged or any quarintines occured. So working with them we disabled the virus application first and restarted the server. The application and services came back up fine and no files were missing. To rule out the virus application, we took backups, re-enabled the virus application, and restarted the server. The application and services came back up fine and no files were missing. Anti-virus is kept enabled. Not sure what files if any should be applied exclusion for. Ca Support is helping with this.

Issue #3 (8/2/2013)
This morning while checking the health of Dev. I so no services at all (app and bg) in the NSA. Mind you they were running when i checked them via the cmd prompt. Then when I went to security.logs i saw a system error (which i did not take a screen shot of, Bad Me). So i restart services and services re-appear in the NSA, no errors on the security.logs page, and the application is running.
Now to top it off, when i logged into the application I see errors on portlets within our PM Alerts tab, Project Dashboard, Issues and Risks tabs that we did not see during our initial testing. Whats worse is i cannot even get to configure on these portlets.

So to recap - We would like to know what casued the JVM to fail? Why were files missing from our directory which support services to be running? Is something happening with the Anti Virus app doing something? Why are the portlets now throwing errors and we cannot get to configure?

Thank you so much in advance.