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C1UEXT01 - Security exit, Does anyone have a COBOL example of C1UEXT01

Question asked by Slava_Driker on Aug 2, 2013
Latest reply on Sep 12, 2013 by Slava_Driker
I am writing a COBOL EXIT-1 and wanted to see different COBOL examples of it. We use ACF2 and have a situation here that when a user has a NON-CANCEL attribute, ACF2 allows that user access to a rule, like a super user privilege. So for example all my users do not have access to environment option, but if person granted this NON-CANCEL attribute, that person gets the access.

To prevent this I wrote C1UEXT01 and can prevent user to lets say do anything in the environment, but user still gets environment option. CA suggested to write EXIT-1, but they do not have a COBOL example and while my program does what I wanted it to do, still need to see how I can pevent user from even seing environment option.

Does anyone have any COBOL samples of Exit-1 (C1UEXT01), please send my way

Thank you.

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