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Clarity 13.2 and Business Objects (WEBI) issue - notification to members

Discussion created by Michael Thibault Champion on Aug 2, 2013
Latest reply on Jan 12, 2015 by DJ.V
While using WEBI in version version of 13.2 of Clarity I noticed a problem. The properties for cells would not display any information.

We upgraded our desktop to JAVA 7 to to support Clarity 13.2 and schedule connect. This is where the issue comes from. WEBI only supports JAVA 6 RTE (version 1.6), so there is an issue.

I have confirmed this with CA support as per the email below. As I get more information I'll add to this thread.

"You are correct to access Clarity 13.2 the Clarity PPM Release notes state that on the clients side, they will need to use Java 7 Runtime Environment:
(Version 1.7) or higher patch level. BOXI lists Java 6 Runtime Environment (Version 1.6) but I have seen clients use Java 7 with BOXI. The client will have issues using Java 7 and when creating new WEBI reports using Infoview.
The property options in WEBI report is what we know not to work. This is not a guaranty that this is the only problem, but it is the only problem that we are currently aware of."

Michael Thibault