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Updating Change Request Fields with Approval Information from a Process?

Question asked by Ruthann Spencer on Aug 7, 2013
Latest reply on Aug 7, 2013 by Sergiu.Gavrila
Good day everyone -

Hoping I can get some help from all the smart folks out here. We are on 13.2 and I don't have a DBA with Clarity experience available and need some guidance to be able to provide correct field data to someone who can write a script for me to put into a process:

I need to be able to update the ootb fields on the Change Request Object:

Approved By
Approved Date

I know these are found on the RIM_CHANGE_REQUESTS table in the database

These need to be udpated with the name of the person who received the Action Item (and changed the status of the Change Request) to Approved. I also need to pick up the date and timestamp and have them update the Approved Date field.

I have been struggling to find where in the database the Process or Action Item data for these is kept so a script can be written to update the Change Request table via a step in the Change Request Approval Process. The Tech Reference isn't helping much.

Thanks in advance for sharing your knowledge!