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Missing Portfolio Object

Question asked by TDBecker on Aug 9, 2013
Latest reply on Sep 6, 2013 by TDBecker
I've been trying to upgrade my sandbox environment from V13.1.0.5 to V13.2. Everything runs smoothly and it finishes without any error messages. Just when I started to celebrate, I realized that it was missing the new porfolio object. The link is missing from the menu, and the object itself is not available in studio under the Objects. I've tried to grant access to the objects, but it isn't available.

I've been through all of the log files and cannot find any errors. I found the section where it says it is loading the portfolio table. The existing portolio (V13.1) tables are copied to the special backup tables.

When I look at the new table, it is empty.

I've been though the change/impact guide numerous times and can't see anything that I am missing in my upgrade plan.

I'm looking for new ideas on what steps I might take to successfully upgrade to this new version. I've reloaded my db and server for another try next week. I'm on Oracle/AIX using weblogic/win2008r2.

Anyone have this happen?