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Confirm cost plan details still not lockable?

Question asked by amy.yarrington on Aug 16, 2013
Latest reply on Sep 27, 2013 by sku029
I am trying to determine if in v13.2 I am able to lock the actual cost values on the cost plan details. Testing a process that locks/unlocks the cost plan essentially only locks/unlocks the attributes on the cost plan object itself (i.e. what appears on the "Properties" tab) and not the actual attributes on the cost plan details object which contains the time scaled values. I found this thread where it was suggested that a defect was fixed in v 13.1 which dealt with the locking of time scaled values. However that still doesn't seem to answer my question. The defect wording itself does not specifically mention the cost plan detail object but rather sounds like if you had any time scaled values on the parent cost plan object that those attributes should be lockable. But what would be the purpose of having a time scaled value on the cost plan object and not the detail object?

End result...I can't keep my users from changing dollar amounts on a cost plan. Can anyone confirm this to be true in v13.2? I will open an idea if that's true. Locking the attributes on the cost plan object without locking the details as well is of little use, IMO.