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mismatch between Clarity / MSP

Question asked by clarityeur on Aug 18, 2013
Latest reply on Aug 19, 2013 by another_martink

Our Clarity version is with MSSQL

Our MSP is 2007 x86

All our projects have calc method set to 'Manual', we read Clarity MSP GreenBook guide in order to follow suggested setting, however we have mismatch in:

Dates (Start / Finish)
% Complete


Project 'ABC' in Clarity shows 65% as percent complete, but when this project is loaded in MSP, the project shows a different value (80%), obviously the dates also are very different

So, I dont know why occurs this behavior, this situation is generating confusion on Project Managers and Team Members.

Our Load Pattern in General Settings is set to 'Contour', also we tried to set to 'Uniform', but the same results

I saw some issues in Communitie regarding this discrepancy, but I'm unable to find final solution.

I'm trying to resolve by our side, but if during the issue remains, I'll create new Ticket from CA

I would like to see any advice if you experienced this in the past.

Thanks again,
Sabdeep Manjesh