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Need to Reset Default Layout for Program List Page

Question asked by lisa_kollin on Aug 20, 2013
Latest reply on Aug 20, 2013 by lisa_kollin
We are on 13.1.
I was adding different cost fields to my Programs List page layout using the Configure option (off the 'cog' icon).
After saving & hitting Return...I now get an error: System Error. Contact system administrator.
Nothing loads on the screen except the buttons New, Mark for Deletion & Cancel Deletion. NO Cog icon appears in the corner (so can't pick Configure again).

Obviously, I selected a WRONG attribute to add to the Program List page layout. (Will not do that again.)
Problem is...I cannot get back to the configure page to reset my layout to the default.

Here is what I have tried:
1) Hitting "Back"....but that only takes you to "real pages". The Configure function is a Popup window in 13.1, so hitting back won't go there. This is the same with looking at the list of "Recent Pages".
2) I saw postings on using a direct URL...but that appears to follow the same problem as the "Back" or "Recent Pages" functions. I did try it, but still no ability to get to a configure page.

I know in my past, we were able to go to the data base and "reset" a specific users layout for a page to the default.
Is this my only option for this? (I do NOT want to republish Projects to everyone!!! All my users would be very upset! BOOO!) :sad

If database is the answer, anyone know where we would need to go in the database to reset the Program List Page Layout for a specific user?