TIP: How to prepare, execute, or rollback a stock Clarity upgrade to 13.2

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General Steps to perform a stock Clarity upgrade

from: 12.1.1
to: 13.2.0

1. Make sure a valid backup of the PRODuction Clarity application folder exists.

2. Make sure a valid backup of the PRODuction Clarity dataset (MSSQL or Oracle) exists.

3. Copy the PRODuction Clarity application folder and Clarity database to a TEST location/environment.

4. Restore the PRODuction Clarity application backup to the TEST location/environment.

5. Restore the PRODuction Clarity database backup to the TEST database location/environment.

6. Verify the PRODuction to TEST refresh works.

7. After verifying the refresh is complete, do the following:
a. Stop and remove all Clarity services.
b. Enough diskspace (at least 10 GB free space).
c. Verify JAVA 1.6 SDK path is valid.
d. Verify JAVA 1.7 SDK path is valid.
e. Verify Tomcat 6 path is valid.
f. Verify Tomcat 7 path is valid.
g. Obtain the 13.2 installation media and thirdparty.libs.13.2.0.jar.
h. Create a temp1320 folder. Make sure the only file that exists in the folder is the 13.2 install.jar.
i. Make sure the thirdparty.libs.13.2.0.jar is in a location that is not in the Clarity home directory.
j. Make a copy of the CLARITY_HOME\config\properties.xml;
k. Modify the original CLARITY_HOME\config\properties.xml file to have the valid paths:
-current JAVA_HOME
-current TOMCAT_HOME
l. Start the NSA service and login.
m. Verify the database state is Available.

8. From the temp1320 folder, make sure only the 13.2 install.jar exists.

Run command: jar -xvf install.jar, to extract the contents.
Run the install
Follow the instructions and provide the correct paths.
Agree to the prompts.

9. Allow the upgrade procedure to run the precheck.

a.Check if there are any WARNINGS or ERRORS that can cause an upgrade failure
by reviewing the TEMP1320_HOME\checkinstall\check-logs\precheck-results.html
If there are any, please correct the error before rerunning the install again.

10. Allow the upgrade procedure to start by running the install.bat.
Follow the prompts and allow the installation to complete.

Check the following files:

-----ROLLBACK (if needed)
NOTE: If there are errors,
a. check error in CLARITY_HOME\logs\checkinstall\checkinstall-results_date.zip
the valid application folder and database need to be deleted and restored.
b. Reset the environment path for JAVA_HOME to JAVA 1.6.
c. Delete the current Clarity application folder.
d. Delete all the contents of the folder, except the install.jar.
e. Restore the backup Clarity application folder by running the restore.bat.
f. Delete/drop the Clarity database.
g. Restore the backup Clarity database.
h. Start beacon app services.
Make sure the the UI/DB connection is up.

h. Restart the upgrade installation process:
extract with command: jar -xvf install.jar
run install.bat from from the temp1320 folder.