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Questions about converting a chained set to a user-owned index set

Question asked by Kay.Rozeboom on Aug 23, 2013
Latest reply on Sep 20, 2013 by Kay.Rozeboom
The "VLDB Scenario" document for the new R18.5 MPGI feature, mentions doing a restructure as part of the process: "Use the RESTRUCTURE utility on the affected areas to remove old pointer positions and add new ones." I am not clear on what is changing with the pointers.

1) Should the owner or the member be restructured, or both?

2) If the owner currently has next and prior pointers, and the member currently has next, prior, and owner pointers, what should they look like after the restructure?

3) Should all of the pointers be dropped, then recreated as empty pointers to be filled in by MAINTAIN INDEX? Or should some of them be retained as is?

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