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Question asked by stephen_floyd on Aug 23, 2013
Latest reply on Aug 26, 2013 by stephen_floyd

We use Version 12.1.1 and we are just about to start using the Idea Functionality. During my investigations I am discovering a few things.

Can an Idea be setup on a different partition? (We use partitions for different areas of our organisation) and because we use partitions on the Project Object, when I try to convert to a project and then save it throw up an error message. I think this is because I have selected a different partition when I create the project.

Is there an Idea Template? (No mention of this is the User Guide) is this available on V13?

Is there a way I can populate custom builds fields from an idea to project creation. For example I created a lookup field on the Project Object and I have created the same Lookup field on the Idea Object (the field wasn't available for selection on idea object) using the same lookup. When I populate the field on the idea with a value and convert it to a project the value is not carried over to the creation page even though that lookup field is available on the project creation page.

Is there a way I can link the Idea ID to the Project I have just converted too. All I can see is the Originator Idea Field which is fine but we’d like to use the ID as well. Can you do it the other way? Link back the Idea with Project ID?

There are a few questions here I know but that's what you get when do a bit of investigation and have very quizative bosses...