Gel scripting and SSL in upgrades part 2

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Gel scripting and SSL in upgrades part 2
for part 1 see

In order to get to the bottom of this is this summary form

After having the cert properly upgraded in .keystore
is that adequate for logging in with SSL /https ?
and you only need further action for XOG, GEL and OWB

For those the certs should be imported to

on any machine using GEL and XOG
for GEL scripts in processes that should be the app serve.

XOG can be used also on workstations and the certs should be updated on any workstation using XOG with SSL/https
In that case the XOG should be launched with XOG.bat and not run.bat
If there are both http and https in use XOG can use also http in normal manner.

If OWBis used with SSL (https) the cert needs to be upgraded on such workstation and OWB will ask about saving the cert (from the server)
OWB will save the new upgraded cert automatically if it is written by a "trusted CA certificate" provider and is not a self signed cert which needs to be imported/save-

Saving the cert directly from IEdoes not work for Clarityn /OWB because the format is different. The cert needs to be exported and saved and the cert file imported to the Keystore.

What about cert upgrades with MS Proejct?

Martti K.