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Calculated Column in a list form?  (12.6)

Question asked by Brett_Zipkin on Aug 26, 2013
Latest reply on Sep 18, 2013 by Kyle_R
[size=6]What I'd like to do is add a calculated column on a list form. The displayed content will be derived from the a field's value but won't actually be in it's own table anywhere. The idea is something like this...

field x in table y could have any of the following values in it...
[*]'Mickey Mouse'
[*]'Donald Duck'
When I'm on the list form for table y I don't want to actually display the character's name. I want to display alternate text but that text isn't in the DB anywhere. The scenarios are limited enough that I can get away with it at the form level. I did this easily in 11.2 but at the time it wasn't using embedded list forms. It was building the html raw within a pdm_list statement. I could add my own variables, parse the data and then with a case statement spit back the appropriate text I wanted in a <td> tag. In 12.6 I have to work with the lscol/lswrite tags and I'm not sure how to pull this off since it looks like lscol has to take a database attribute and I don't want to do that. Use the below as the sample logic.

if(x = 'Mickey Mouse') Display 'Easily Understood'
else if(x = 'Donald Duck') Display 'Hard to Understand'
else if(x = 'Pluto') Display 'Doesn't speak at all'
else Display 'Speech Quality Unknown'

How would I make this work?[size]