CA Tuesday Tip: (CA 7) DB.1 (JOB) screen GENERAL

Discussion created by Marysue Employee on Aug 27, 2013
The input fields for the GENERAL information on the DB.1 screen:


The SYSTEM name is a user-specified 8 character field that can be used to 'group' jobs for listing and forecasting purposes. The JOBNET field is also user-specified 8 characters that can be used to further qualify the job for listing and forecasting purposes.
The OWNER field can be used to insert a USERID in the job when it is submitted by CA 7 and can determine who can submit the job or update the OWNER field. See the SECURITY statement in the initialization file SUBUID and EXTERNAL keywords (documented in the CA 7 Security Guide).
The UID field is a number 0 to 255 which denotes what user(s) can access this job. Please see the "Use UID Security" topic in the CA 7 Best Practices Guide for more information on how to use the UID field to determine job access.