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installing msp2010 with Clarity 12.1.3

Question asked by matpj on Aug 28, 2013
Latest reply on Aug 28, 2013 by another_martink
Hi all,

I have found conflicting information on here, so thought I would ask.

we have 12.1.3

I have installed Java 1.6 from CA clarity software downloads
I have installed schedule connect

We have MSP 2010

I tried running the MSPAdd2k file, which didnt work.
It failed to create a menu item or toolbar item, and if I try again, I receive a message taking me to a module in VBA with an error.
"Method 'quit' of oject '_MSProject' failed"

If I ignore and open a project from Clarity, it DOES open without problem in MSP

however, there is no option to save back to Clarity and the default save just tried to save it locally.

Can anybody clear up whether or not I need to run the MSPAdd2k file/macros?
and if so how, is there a newer version somehwere? the one I have is from 2009

if I dont need this, what am I to do?

thanks in advance,