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Prevent use of "Access to this object"

Question asked by dtietze on Aug 29, 2013
Latest reply on Aug 30, 2013 by dtietze

We've got quite a serious issue in one of our configurations. Maybe someone has already found a workaround.

Basically, we've configured a demand-management type system, where we allow specific users to create demands.
We then progress the demands through a demand management workflow. In this, we're maing extensive use of Clarity access rights in order to control who can see/edit which parts of the demand along the workflow.

The users are just starting to discover that the CREATOR of an object can use the "Access to this object" section to grant additional rights to users (including himself).
These instance rights remain in place, along with the automatically controlled access rights. This can cause enormous acceptance and credibility problems for our system.

Has anyone found a way to PREVENT the creator of an object instance (specifically, an instance of a Custom Object) from modifying the instance access rights of the instance he created?