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Timesheet Notify action doesn't send notification for selected timesheet

Question asked by cvann on Aug 29, 2013
Latest reply on Sep 12, 2013 by DJ.V
A few of our users have complained that when notifying employees that their timesheets are overdue (Nofify button on selected timesheet), the notification email lists the current date and not the selected time period. I think we are using the out of the box template so I'm not sure if we have a setting that is wrong somewhere in our configuration:

Notification Subject:
Timesheet overdue for time period : $[Timesheets.prtimeperiodid]

Notification Body:
Timesheet overdue:

Resource: $[Timesheets.prresourceid]
Time period: $[Timesheets.prtimeperiodid]

Please submit the timesheet.

To view the timesheet, @[:timeadmin.editTimesheet!~:~:Click Here]

Does anyone know why the nofify button would not use the correct prttimeperiodid? What attributes can I use in the template to get the correct time period?