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Hi All,

Here is the summary of an incident..

A Timesheet period was created (May 9th to May 15th). Some timesheets were entered in this time period. Some of those were submitted, some approved and some posted.

A full database backup was taken.

Next, this time period was deleted on production environment for a week (May 9th to May 15th). This deletion has removed the data from Time sheets tables but the same time periods' timesheet data has passed through the full posting cycle (including to the WIP Table).

No impact on cost plan and other financial data as it is looking from WIP table .

Re-created the same time period on production and a few resources ( < 10) re-entered their time sheet and the time sheet data has been passed through the full cycle of financial (up to WIP Table). We will create reverse transaction for these resources timesheet to remove the duplicate records from WIP table

WIP Table has dual entries for <10 resources for the same time period due to duplicate timesheets entered and posted.

There is a gap between the backup taken and time period deletion

In order to restore the time sheet data backup has been restored on QA Environment .

Xog out all the "Posted" time sheets from QA Environment

Manually Created the new time sheets in QA environment and moved up to "Approved" status for the same period as there are few time sheets were missing in the backup while they are available in Prod WIP table for the same time period..

Xog out all the "Approved" time sheets from QA Environment

Due to issues in QA environment none of the jobs are running and we are unable to post the newly created time sheets. (Note-> we will open the time period just the time being to XOG in the time sheets after that we will close the time period)

Now we have the following questions...

Q1 ) If we will manually edit the XOG XML output files to change the approved time sheets status from 3 to 4 before importing into Production environment, what is the impact?
Q2 ) How can we protect the XOG in time sheets of deleted period not to process in Transaction table and WIP Table. We are doing so in order to maintain referential integrity and not have two transactions for each timesheet since the timesheets were created twice.

Thanks in advance.