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Email Notifications Not Working

Question asked by MWRD on Sep 3, 2013
Latest reply on Sep 4, 2013 by Suman Pramanik
We have a few processes that have notifications and Action Items getting assigned to users.
All the users have all checkboxes enabled in their Account Settings -> Notifications page.
We have configured all parameters in NSA related to email server configuration.
When a process reaches a certain step which has an Action Item as well as a Notification,
the user is able to see AI and notifications in his Organizer. However, no email notification goes to the user's email ID.
We started debugging the issue as follows:
We tried sending email from the Clarity Server to the user's email ID using outlook, it works fine.
We tried sending email by writing a gel script and running it from command line, again it works fine.
We removed the mail server attribute from gel script, and copied same gel into a step of one of the processes. Surprisingly, this also works fine, the email goes to user's email ID.
However, in the same step, there is a manual action item, which does not send email.
Rather, any of the manual Action Items / Checkmarking Send Notification checkboxes in any of the processes does not send email.
Can someone guide me what are we doing wrong?