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export many data in one time related to many projects

Question asked by slima24 on Sep 4, 2013
Latest reply on Sep 8, 2013 by fpena
i had successfully the output for one project using this gel script, but i have the out put just FOR ONE PROJECT , and i wanna have the out put for many projects at the same time can you please help me to find the solution

<gel:script xmlns:x="jelly:xml"





<gel:parameter var="XOGusername" default="aelabida"/>

<gel:parameter var="XOGpassword" default="password"/>

<soap:invoke endpoint="" var="result">


<soap-env:Envelope xmlns:soapenv=""



<xog:Login xmlns="">




<NikuDataBus xmlns:xsi="_" >
<Header version="6.0.11" action="read" objectType="project" externalSource="NIKU">
<!-- you change the order by simply swap 1 and 2 number in the name attribute -->
<args name="order_by_1" value="name"/>
<args name="order_by_2" value="projectID"/>
<args name="include_tasks" value="true"/>
<args name="include_dependencies" value="true"/>
<args name="include_subprojects" value="true"/>
<args name="include_resources" value="true"/>
<args name="include_baselines" value="true"/>
<args name="include_allocations" value="true"/>
<args name="include_estimates" value="true"/>
<args name="include_actuals" value="true"/>
<args name="include_custom" value="true"/>

<Filter name="projectID" criteria="EQUALS">FR-FR-100099134</Filter>





<gel:out><gel:expr select="$result"/></gel:out>

<gel:serialize fileName="result1.xml" var="${result}"/>