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Actual Hours do not Show for Idea

Question asked by ad9aggie on Sep 4, 2013
Latest reply on Sep 9, 2013 by ad9aggie
We are investigating using the Idea Object for pre-project justification efforts. Consequently I created an Idea in our test environment, allocated resources, had them book time to the Idea, posted timesheets etc.

I then converted the Idea to a Project, and naturally, the actual hours worked on the Idea did not convert, as expected.

I then made the Idea a child of the Application to which it belonged (the idea was to upgrade an application). After making the Idea a child of the Application, neither the actual hours, nor the actual cost, show up in the Application Hierarchy. When I create a WEBI report to show the actual hours for the Idea, they show up, but when I try to pull actual cost, too, I get blanks for both attributes.

We are currently v13.0, there is a Rate Matrix, resources allocated to Idea are Financially active, and in a Department in the Rate Matrix. Rate Matrix Extraction and Datamart jobs are running, as well as Time Slices.

Any ideas (pun intended) as to how to get the actuals to show are greatly appreciated.