CA DataMinder Tuesday Tip: Encrypting Emails

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CA DataMinder Tuesday Tip: Encrypting Emails published by Andrew Devine, Senior Support Engineer on Tuesday 10 September 2013

CA DataMinder r14.5 can support a number of encryption providers. PGP, CA Send and Voltage are supported by default and you can add support for two further providers.

CA DataMinder can insert an 'encryption request' x-headers into unprotected outgoing emails. These x-headers can then be detected by third party encryption providers such as Voltage and PGP before they leave the corporate network.

First, you must specify which third party encryption provider you want to use. You do this in the user policy. Then you must set up your email triggers and control actions to detect and encrypt unencrypted emails.

You specify the encryption providers in the user policy System Settings. In each case, you specify the provider's name, and the name and value of the x-header used to flag emails that require processing by a third-party encryption solution.

To set email encryption settings

In the User Policy Editor, navigate to the following folder:

System Settings, Email Encryption Settings

PGP, CA Send and Voltage have been preconfigured so you simply need to select the provider from the "which Encryption Provider?" drop down list. To you a customer provier, you will need to provide the specific data pairs for the x-header and its corresponding vlaue. These can be found in the providers documentation.

If you are deploying Voltage SecureMail full integration steps can found in the CA DataMinder r14.5 Platform Deployment Guide (DLP_Platform_ENU.pdf) which is available to download from theCA DataMinder r14.5 Bookshelflocated on the CA Support Portal

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