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Archiving and / or deleting large amounts of data

Question asked by petermaino on Sep 17, 2013
Latest reply on May 20, 2014 by rik.stevens
I have two scenarios I am looking for assistance with.

Currently on Clarity 12.1.3 MSSQL and migrating to Clarity 13.2 Oracle.

We are looking to do this before the upgrade to the new Clarity version and DB migration.

1) We have a large amount of data that is years old and I am looking for the best way to archive this data (remove it from the working production DB) and store it somewhere else in case access to it is needed.
That access could just be being able to run a query against it. This data is stored across multiple partitions.

2) We have data that is related to businesses with our company that have been sold off and we may want to just delete this data. In this particular case this data is in its own partition.

Is there a documented CA best practice document for this type of task?

Peter Maino