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Exclude unique SQL query from instrumentation / tracing

Question asked by BenMunn on Sep 18, 2013
Latest reply on Oct 10, 2013 by BenMunn
Hi Community,

I have a scenario where there is a unique SQL query "SELECT ? from DUAL" that is being captured 20-30 times per 15 second interval that runs at a total of 0ms and 1ms respectively.

The particular query in question in not of any significance and I want to discard it from being captured all together. It is currently being captured during each transaction trace sampling interval
and has a large responses per interval count that I want to discard from the agent overhead.

Now I know that SQL transaction tracing can be disabled in the agent configuration, and I'm aware that SQL query level monitoring can also be disabled, but I only want to do it for this
particular instance.

Is there a way in the sql.pbd to discard the query where it is equal to the above statement {query}?