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Web Server Config for Oracle iPlanet 7.0

Question asked by bhuvanesh.kumar on Sep 19, 2013
Latest reply on Sep 20, 2013 by sunilhere
Hi Davis,

Im having difficulty in setting up the power pack for Oracle iPlanet 7.0 Web sever. In the CA APM Webserver Guide they have mentioned as

Add the following object to your obj.conf file after the default object:
<Object name="perf">
Service fn="service-dump"
2. Add the following statement as the first line to the default object:
NameTrans fn=assign-name from="/.perf" name="perf"

But where we need to add this arguments. I have 20 Webserver instances in 1 server. there is a obj.conf file in folder "/opt/oracle/webserver70/admin-server/config" which is common for all instances. Is this the file we need to update or need to update in each instance.

Would be very help full if you could send instructions or provide a document,