CA GS Project and Portfolio Management add ons on the market place

Discussion created by another_martink on Sep 21, 2013
Details on a number of CA GS Project and Portfolio Management Project and Portfolio Management add ons are on the market place.

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For the calendar integrations


CA Clarity PPM version 8.1fp03 or higher

Bearing in mind that calendar events are no longer there in v13.0 and higher you must read carefully

Calendar Integration for CA Clarity™ PPM helps resources populate calendars, such as Microsoft Outlook calendars, with project appointments from CA Clarity™ PPM.

and interpret it properly
(When a resource is allocated to a CA Clarity PPM project for a specific date and time, the solution can automatically generate an appointment using iCalendar standard (ICS) format and will send the new or updated appointment to the email account associated with that resource’s profile in CA Clarity PPM)

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