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FSS Admin UI Download Applet issues

Question asked by lakshmankumar on Sep 23, 2013
Latest reply on Sep 27, 2013 by lakshmankumar
CA Siteminder r12.3
Windows 2008 r2 OS
IE 8

I have successfully installed the Siteminder Admin UI registered to policy server.
I added the Policy server domain name in IE8 in the trusted site.
I have created the 4.x web agent for FSS Admin UI registration via Admin UI (Policy server IP and shared secret)
Then i access the FSS adminui URL https://policyserver hostname/siteminder and click Login button.
It showed to save the file smadmcgi file and i save it and i see the screen "Downloading administrative applet" for more than hour now? What it means ? is it downloading the applet? or there is some issue..

Any idea?