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Job Query - Update Business Objects Report Tables

Question asked by CMCN1982 on Sep 25, 2013
Latest reply on Sep 26, 2013 by CMCN1982
Hi everyone,

we had a job called Capacity vs Demand by Resource which was not working correctly in our Production & Stage environments. It was working ok in our Development tier though.

I had a quick look at the code in the report and found that the following table was not populated in Stage or Production:

Job Type: Update Business Objects Report Tables - Job Properties

Update Portfolio Content: Ticked

Update WBS Index: Ticked

Update Universe Calendar: Ticked

Update Program Hierarchy: Ticked

Update OBS: Ticked

When: Immediately

I ran this in Stage and the report now works but I am not sure of what else this job does and what the parameters actually do.

We can run the job in Production but I just want to be sure of the impact of running this job (should it be scheduled, what parameter setting to use etc) before we do so.