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PAM Timezone and SQLSERVER DB Timezone

Question asked by thangnguyen4460426 on Sep 26, 2013
Latest reply on Mar 18, 2016 by MWNiebuhr
Hi All,

Currently using Pam 4.1 and running into issue with the consistency of timezones with PAM and SQLSERVER.

So at the moment I have a very simple query to get a DATETIME field in SQLSERVER which returns "2013-09-23 15:23:40.000" in GMT. I cannot modify that field...the only modification I can make to it is after it is extracted from the DB.
This query is connected with PAM through the "Select from Database" operator and stored in a process variable once completed.
The process variable is used within the Send Email operator to print out the datetime in an email message. The value is printed as "Mon Sep 23 15:23:40 EDT 2013".

The value is correct in all aspect except for the "EDT" part.

I believe the problem here is either (1) PAM converts it into a SYSTEM or CONFIG timezone, which is in EDT, but did not actually converted the time into the corresponding timezone, or (2) PAM is printing out EDT when it actually means to print out GMT.

Any thoughts?