APM Top 20 Accessed KB Articles and Documents for September 2013

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[left]APM Top 20 Accessed KB Articles and Documents for September 2013[left]
1. CA APM 9.1.7 Readme (m003661e)
2. CA APM 9.1.6 Readme (m003591e)
3. CA Application Performance Management Release Notes (m003531e)
4. CA Application Performance Management Readme (m003401e)
5. CA APM Known Issues (m003081e)
[left]KB Articles[left]
1. SERVICE PACK::9.1.6
[left]Description:What is fixed in 9.1.6[left]
2. How to Configure CA APM to use LDAP Authentication (Introscope and APM CE)
[left]Description: CA APM gives you choices for securing and authorizing access to some or all of the features and domains of the Enterprise Manager and Workstation. Using LDAP, you can authenticate user and group access with CA APM while maintaining user and group authorization in local configuration files. There are 3 ways to secure CA APM Local - Users and groups are both authenticated and given authorization via local configuration files maintained on the Enterprise Manager server. LDAP - Users and groups are authenticated by LDAP directories but authorized by local configuration files maintained on the Enterprise Manager server or CA EEM. EEM - Users and groups are both authenticated and authorized by a CA EEM (CA Embedded Entitlements Manager) server for CA APM activities. This article discusses how you can integrate CA APM with your own LDAP directory for authentication to the APM Workstation and Enterprise Manager.[left]
3. The EM failed to start. Local Users and Groups realm is misconfigured. Error using new settings for Realm: XMLFileManager.CantDeleteFile
[left]Description: There are scenarios where the Enterprise Manager will fail to start immediately after installation. The IntroscopeEnterpriseManager.log will have this message: The EM failed to start Local Users and Groups realm is misconfigured. Error using new settings forRealm: XMLFileManager CantDeleteFile The users.xml and realms.xml files have not been updated after installation.[left]
4. CPU Metrics Not Appearing in Agent for 64-bit AIX 5.3 on pSeries ( Legacy KB ID WLY 2413 )
[left]Description:Why aren't the CPU metrics appearing on 64-bit AIX 5.3 on pSeries?[left]
5. Disabling Database Name Formatting in 7.1 ( Legacy KB ID WLY 1240 )
[left]Description:How do I disable the database name formatting in Introscope 7.1?[left]
6. Dot Net agent - webservices application won't start - Common Language Runtime detected an invalid program
[left]Description: After SPM is enabled for a DotNet Webservices application, the application doesn't start and logs an error, indicating the CLR detected an invalid program. Also, in the Windows Application event log, you may see an error event, with the source WcfServiceHost, and the following description: Service cannot be started. System.InvalidProgramException: Common Language Runtime detected an invalid program. at System.ServiceModel.Dispatcher.DispatchRuntime..ctor(EndpointDispatcher endpointDispatcher) at System.ServiceModel.Dispatcher.EndpointDispatcher..ctor(EndpointAddress address, String contractName, String contractNamespace) [left]
7. EM fails to start after server's IP Address is changed
[left]Description:After the EM server's IP address is changed, the EM fails to start. Looking in the EM's IntroscopeEnterpriseManager.log, the following is seen: Enterprise Manager: No valid license files were found ERROR: No valid license file was found. Enterprise Manager exiting...[left]
8. Error when Upgrading the APM Database Manually (Using the scripts) in APM 9.1.x
[left]Description: This article will discuss a commonly missed step when upgrading the APM database using the scripts. Specifically this article will discuss what to do if you see the following error: [Apm.Data.Model] APM Database is not reachable. Please check the connectivity...<stack trace>Caused by: java.sql.SQLSyntaxErrorException:.....table or view does not exist[left]
9. SERVICE PACK::9.1.7
[left]Description:What is fixed in 9.1.7[left]
10. TIM Collection Service cannot connect to TIM getting 403 Forbidden ( Legacy KB ID WLY 2901 )
[left]Description:TIM Collection Service refused to connect to TIM[left]
11. Transaction Traces index not cleaning up
[left]Description:I changed the number of days to 5 with maximum size of 1024MB. I saw the transaction tracer running a clean up task but there are still files left in the indexes directory that are more than 5 days old, the EM is not cleaning this up. We are getting a lot of traces. The EM seems to be doing ok at deleting all the traces and even though we have it set to keep up to 14 days, it looks like it is only keeping 2 days based on the maximum disk space of 1024MB. However, the index files are not getting cleaned up as I see files that are 9 days old and nothing is deleting them, thus they are using more space every day.[left]
12. After enabling SSL tracing, the Tim log is filled with Unsupported Ciphersuite warnings. Should I be concerned?
[left]Description:The following warnings are coming up on the TIM log after enabling SSL tracing. Warning: sslprint: Unsupported CipherSuite - 57 (TLS_DHE_RSA_WITH_AES_256_CBC_SHA) Warning: sslinterface: network_process_packet: error 10 (unsupported ciphersuite), conn 11745060, packet 187519287, [<IPAddress>]:20843->[<IPAddress>]:2221; ignoring further data Please explain what could be the possible reason for these warning messages.. [left]
13. Agent metrics are not getting reported in the Investigator tree due to breaching the agent metric limit
[left]Description:In the case where some metrics from a specific agent are missing from the Investigator tree, and a similar warning like the following is logged in the IntroscopeEnterpriseManager.log then new metrics will not be accepted: [left]
14. Agent not reporting instrumented data.
[left]Description: Autoprobe is shutting down and no probed metrics are showing up for Application, only GC Heap, CPU metrics, Host metrics getting reported.[left]
15. AutoProbe Connector ClassLoader Error ( Legacy KB ID WLY 2225 )
[left]Description:AutoProbe Connector ClassLoader Error[left]
16. CA Insight DPM Lite 1.5 (in APM 9.1) vs CA Insight DPM (standalone)
[left]Description:CA Insight DPM Lite 1.5 (in APM 9.1) vs CA Insight DPM (standalone) [left]
17. Can a 9.1.x.x TIM be upgraded to a later 9.1.x.x service pack or 9.5 without needing to reinstall the RHEL 5.x operating system?
[left]Description:The Installation and Upgrade Guides for 9.1.x and 9.5 advise that an Operating System install step is required for TIM upgrades. Is this necessary if the TIM is already at 9.1.x.x and therefore already running under RHEL 5.x? [left]
18. Can the new 9.1.x Thread Dump feature be run from the Command Line Workstation to enable alert triggering of a thread dump using a shell action.
[left]Description:The 9.1.x Command Line Workstation (CLW) can be used to generate a thread dump, but this feature has not yet been formally documented because it was originally unsupported. Development has since confirmed it is supported and the documentation will be updated in the near future. In the meantime the relevant information is detailed below. [left]
19. Cannot read /etc.wily/cem/tim/logs/protocolstats/... [Errno 13] Permission denied
[left]Description:When trying to view the Tim packet Statistics or Timlog files, the browser is displaying an error indicating no permission to the file e.g. Cannot read /etc.wily/cem/tim/logs/protocolstats1/2013-08-13.csv: [Errno 13] Permission denied: '/etc.wily/cem/tim/logs/protocolstats1/2013-08-13.csv' Inspection of the file in the file system using 'ls -al' shows that the file permissions are:
-rw-r----- 1 root root 25031 Aug 13 06:24 2013-08-13.csv[left]
20. Explaining and Addressing an Agent Reaching Transaction Trace Component Limit
[left]Description:This article will discuss the causes and how to address " [IntroscopeAgent.WilyTransactionStructure]Transaction trace component limit of 5000 reached, recording of any new components will cease for this transaction."[left]