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Difference between TraceAll..., TraceAllComplex........

Question asked by Bennnnnnn on Oct 7, 2013
Latest reply on Oct 9, 2013 by Bennnnnnn
I'm trying to understand the differences between some of these directives.

What's the difference between TraceAllMethodsIfFlagged, TraceAllComplexMethodsIfFlagged, and TraceComplexMethodsIfFlagged?

If I use TraceAllMethodsIfFlagged, are Compled Methods picked up? If I use TraceAllComplexMethodsIfFlagged or TraceComplexMethodsIfFlagged, am I going to miss something that would be picked up with TraceAllMethodsIfFlagged?

How do I know when I should use ..Complex.. vs non-complex?

Are there situations where I would use both on the same class? (I tested this and it appears the Autoprobe just inserts them twice).

Here is an example pbd that I'm using.. but I have no idea if these are complex methods or not...

TurnOn: APPNAME_PgmImpl
SetFlag: APPNAME_PgmImpl

IdentifyClassAs: APPNAME_PgmImpl
IdentifyClassAs: APPNAME_PgmImpl
IdentifyClassAs: APPNAME_PgmImpl
IdentifyClassAs: APPNAME_PgmImpl

TraceOneMethodIfFlagged: APPNAME_PgmImpl alterObject BlamePointTracer "company|{packagename}|{classname}|{method}"
TraceOneMethodIfFlagged: APPNAME_PgmImpl runRules BlamePointTracer "company|{packagename}|{classname}|{method}"
TraceOneMethodIfFlagged: APPNAME_PgmImpl translateAccums BlamePointTracer "company|{packagename}|{classname}|{method}"

## APPNAME_ Utilities (
TurnOn: APPNAME_Util
SetFlag: APPNAME_Util

IdentifyClassAs: APPNAME_Util

TraceAllMethodsIfFlagged: APPNAME_Util BlamePointTracer "company|{packagename}|{classname}|{method}"