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SSH Command exiting before completion

Question asked by eniomarques on Oct 8, 2013
Latest reply on Oct 11, 2013 by eniomarques
Hello everyone!

I'm creating an automation for Weblogic deploys. We already have the wlst scripts in unix shell format, and simple tests to treat its outputs are already done successfully.

But we are facing two problems:

1) When using the 'Run SSH Command' operator, we are able to invoke simple commands and execute simple scripts (which returns a number or a string). But when we execute more complex scripts, or even with a simple "sleep" on it, the process finishes without waiting the complete execution. Is there any flag or pre-execution configuration that I need to do, to make the operator wait for the execution of the script?

2) We tried to use the 'Run SSH Script' operator, but it didn't work. Does it works on unix systems?

Thanks a lot!