Portofolios  in XOG developer guides and sample files

Discussion created by another_martink on Oct 8, 2013
Latest reply on Mar 31, 2014 by CA-TECH-INFO-DAMON
Up to v12.1 SP 3 the XOG developer guides covered portfolios to some extend, but they were referring to portfolio_write.xml only and even that was not included in the set of sample files coming with the XOG client.

v13.0 changed that: both write and read files were referred to in the XOG developer guide and both were included in the sample file set.

In v13.2 the portfolios changed and were not compatible with the previous versions.
The XOG developer guide seems to be updated for the schema. It still refers to portfolio_write.xml and portfolio_read.xml
but the sample file included with the XOG client is only pfm_portfolio_read.xml.

So the v13.2 XOG developer guide is not quite up to date and write file is missing.

Martti K.