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De-Instrumentation without restarting JVM

Question asked by BenMunn on Oct 10, 2013
Latest reply on Oct 11, 2013 by Florian_Cheval

Is there anyway to de-instrument an agent deployment without having to restart the instrumented JVM?

For instance, If I add a new .pbd to the hotdeploy folder it will be re-instumented on the next call load during CLR,
but If I no longer want to instrument the .pbd, do I have to restart the JVM to de-instrument the classes?

The reason I ask is beacsue when deploying new pbd's to a production environment, it would be good to
de-instrument a pbd if there is excesive overhead or erros experienced becasue of the deployment.

I thought that it might be possible to do so, as I thought the process would be similar to what occurs during dynamic instrumentation. When performing a trace, you can
specify to temporaarily instrument and then make the metric perminent if required (which then creates its own .pbd).

Is it possible to de-instrument .pbd's without restarting, when the de-instrumented classes are loaded automatically?