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Problem in Open Workbench and Clarity in Expanse Resource

Question asked by Awadhesh.D on Oct 10, 2013
Latest reply on Nov 7, 2013 by Owen_R
Hi All,

Looking forward(NEED) HELP!! 

We have an issue in Open WorkBench and Clarity.
Version Clarity: v8.1
Version OWB: r1.1.6

Issue: If we open the project in OPEN WORKBENCH through clarity:

We have different type of task and assignments in the Project, if we checking the same in PLANNING in Open workbench of the same the ETC assign to the EXPANSE RESOURCE is not showing in OWB.

So issue is WHY ETC for EXPANSE RESOURCE is BLANK and even if we modify the same in OWB it is not saving it again.
We are stuck with this issue and BUSINESS is asking the solution ASAP because some Budgeting and Annual closer is going on.

I hope I may be get some help in this issue from our dignified practice.
If anybody come across this problem please help me out or any kind of related suggestion is APPRECIATED

Thanks Awadhesh