Burning Configuration questions

Discussion created by stephen_floyd on Oct 11, 2013
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Hi All

Lately we are doing a lot of configuration on our version 12.1.1 and my managers are coming to me with wouldn't it cool if we could do this and do that. I have a one two questions that can't seem to find and reference too.

1. I want to create a Resource lookup field and it will automatically populate the field with the 'Current User' as default. I notice on out of the box Clarity Field i.e. manager saying the default is 'derived from a Macro' How can I create a field Identical to that. Were is the Macro coming from???

2. Is it possible to create a field populate it with a Default value link it to an external website. I know what your going to say create a URL field I did and it work fine but I want the field to be a free text number field and have it linked to an external website so on the project page or idea's page you have the field populated with a number (entered by the user) and has the ability to click on it and it directs them to the website. All I can see the links to other pages on project or idea pages. Am I asking the impossible here?

3. Is there any way to colour code the Save, Submit, Submit for Approval, etc on the Idea page. It's uniform grey on our version but is possible to change the colour to one as green one as red etc. If so how can it be done?

See I have very demanding Managers that the word No is not an option.....

Any help to save ones position would be grateful :sad